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Is your website doing the job? Or is it lost in the millions of others competing against you for attention?


Web Design and Digital Marketing that Produces Results !
Why have a website if it is not producing results? Do you own a business website in the Mount Vernon or Fredericktown areas that is not giving you the results you were promised when you signed the contract? Is the web design the problem or a lack of Internet Marketing? WE GUARANTEE RESULTS!


Tired of having a website that no one seems to be able to find?

Many companies in the Mount Vernon, Ohio area have a great looking web site. Some may have been designed professionally or maybe built with one of the self-help template web design packages now advertised on TV and the Internet. But the problem is their current website is producing nothing in the way of visitors. Many companies are finding they are having to purchase advertising to drive traffic TO their website INSTEAD of the website driving traffic to their business! They simply cannot rank highly enough in the search engines so people can find them easily. A properly designed website should draw people TO your business rather than having to rely on printed advertising to draw customers to you. WADSAA Inc. is a local web design company with the experience and expertise to design a web site, SEO or digital marketing program that will meet the specific needs of your company both in the present and in the future. WADSAA, Inc. serves the Mount Vernon, Fredericktown - Knox County, Ohio area with proven results at economical prices for our clients by moving their websites into high ranking positions in the major search engines where people can find your products and services easily. Why have a great looking website if no one can find it? We are a local web design group and can be there when you need us. No submit a help ticket and wait for 24-48 hours. We pride ourselves on customer service!

WADSAA professionals have 29 years of Search Engine Marketing experience and the tools to put your company on the cutting edge of Internet technology. What makes us different than other web design companies in the Mount Vernon Ohio area? PERSONALIZED SERVICE! You don’t have to wait days or weeks for your website to be updated and you don’t have to submit a “support ticket” waiting for days for someone to respond to your needs. We treat all clients the way we want to be treated. Quickly and effectively! Some of the services that WADSAA Designs offer include Web Hosting, Internet Consulting, Search Engine Marketing Programs (SEO), Website Design, Existing Website Re-design, Pay-per-Click Management, Graphical Design, Flash Video and Animation Services.

For information on all WADSAA Designs services and how we can design a specific program for your company, email WADSAA Designs or contact us at 740.398.8087 to discuss your specific needs. Please view the list of client profiles to view businesses who have discovered the advantages that WADSAA Designs can provide for YOUR business!


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